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Current Menu Statement

When I tell people how long we have been in business there are a few reactions that I get. “Holy cow are you kidding me?” “Have you been here the wholeUMMM Ice Cream Parlor - Picture 1 time?” “OMG!”

Well, we opened August 6th, 1982. It honestly seems like yesterday when we opened. I’m a little taller, a little more grey and not exactly the same amount a hair, but I’m still here. I still have the mustache, I still make the ice cream and yes I was fourteen going on fifteen when this all began.

I can remember walking into the store and staring at all the rooms, it was Beltone Hearing Aids before we bought the building. After demolishing the walls and pulling out all the phone lines, I think it was a bookie joint because there were a lot of lines.

The only thing that remains in place from that original floor plan is the marble bar and the location of the bathroom. Everything else has changed, was moved or expanded upon. The kitchen is probably the biggest expansion we have done from the original. Our kitchen was located in the back where the handicapped ramp is. The small area where the Boost slushies are, that is where all the dishes were hand washed and the ice cream was made. The year after we opened the kitchen expansion began. First by adding a larger walk-in freezer. Things continued to change through the 80’s. In 1990, the kitchen project was finally completed or at least we thought. In 2000, we needed to add more space for the storage of ice cream. Our current kitchen and additional storage is about as big as our retail space.

We have been putting that space to a lot of use. It is where we do our baking and of course make all those frozen treats. We now have storage for about 1,000 tubs of ice cream.
Why so much storage? First, you eat a lot of ice cream. Second and if you didn’t know, we opened another store last year in Burlington Township at Columbus & Neck Roads. Finally, we also do wholesale, supplying our ice cream to other dip stores and restaurants. So you guessed it, I spend a lot of time making ice cream.

“OMG!” We are on Facebook and the web. Follow us on Facebook for updates and specials at www.facebook.com/ummmicp for the Burlington City store and www.facebook.com/UMMMICP.BurlTwp for the Burlington Township store. You can also check in on Foursquare for special offers. Check out our website at www.ummmicp.com for all kinds of things. I’m still amazed at what we have done and continue to do over the past 30 years.

Holy cow! Here is to another 30 years, cheers!

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